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Everyone understands that workplace is where our well-being is shaped. In fact, a workplace can be a source of both happiness and frustrations depending on employer-employee relations. Employment law is a field of law that deals with employment issues such as employee rights, discrimination, contracts and handling of lawsuits relating to work accidents.

Who Does a Law Attorney Help?

Here are a few ways an employment law attorney in reputable employment law firms may help.

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If you feel your employer is discriminating you on the basis of race, religion, sex or ethnic orientation, you need to hire an attorney. Attorneys understand that every employee has a right to a fair and non-discriminatory work environment. Some forms of discrimination are not very conspicuous and they may be manifested in wage gaps, stagnation in the same job group, and harassment.

Workplace accidents

Work-related accidents can cause you long-term to lifetime pain, suffering and loss of income. The good news is that while accidents are unplanned occurrences, attorneys can help you seek and obtain a fair compensation that you deserve.

Employer retaliation

Many people suffer at their workplace for complaining or raising a pertinent concern that affects their well-being. Some suffer by getting bad appraisal ratings, demotions, or even being fired after complaining about issues such as unsafe working conditions or failure to remunerate employees fairly. An employment law attorney can help you fight back through filing a legal claim.

Handling contract disputes

Disputes can arise between an employer and his or her employees or contractors. Such disputes can have far-reaching implications on the productivity of the contractors and the reputation of organizations. Employment lawyers can help mediate such disputes and help compensation where applicable.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment may come in many forms, including inappropriate advances, abuse, threats, sexualized comments and sexual coercion. If you have been harassed in any of these forms, you may contact an employment law attorney to help you pursue the case and seek compensation.

When do People Need Law Attorneys?

Taking a decision to retain an employment law attorney to file a claim against an employer can be a difficult one. Many employees fear taking this decision because of the risk of retaliation and a strained relationship which could hurt their future career. Nevertheless, employees have a right to a fair and safe working environment, and employment lawyers are always available to help you get justice. Whether you feel discriminated, harassed or have a contract dispute with your employer, you are the right candidate to call an employment lawyer to discuss your issues.

Here are some cases that will require you to speak to an employment attorney immediately:

- You have apprehensions on how your employer is treating you at workplace or if your termination was illegal;

- You are contemplating quitting your job because of the unlawful conduct of your employer;

- You are unable to negotiate with your employer about severance pay;

- You do not clearly understand your rights as an employee or you are unclear about what action to take following your termination;

- You are worried about not beating the deadline for filing a suit as provided for under the "statute of limitations;

- You are under pressure to sign a contract or agreement whose clauses you do not understand;

- You are contemplating filing a lawsuit in state or federal court;

- You strongly feel that you were wrongfully terminated by your employer.

It is not easy to succeed in an employment lawsuit without a lawyer. Besides, employment law is far too complicated that an average person may not comprehend or apply. Presenting a case and filing paperwork can be cumbersome and employers will use unfair means to have their interests safeguarded. Safe yourself the risk of losing your claim by hiring a qualified attorney. Choose highly reliable employment law firms that will champion your right and interests.